Affari Unlimited was established with the goal of providing quality products to  customers in the different countries around the world. Our organization has been based on the motto QUALITY AT AFFORDABLE PRICES.  Hence we strive to provide quality products to our worldwide customers and the focus on providing competitive prices.
The Management of Affari Unlimited consists of educated individuals who have more than 20 years of exposure of international marketing and trading,includiing on ground experience in more than 50 countries in a multitude of products . The experience gained is invaluable and has given birth to AFFARI UNLIMITED. The exposure and experience gained from the multiracial customers and culture is our most invaluable asset at AFFARI UNLIMITED and places us in a better position to understand their needs.

We are constantly monitoring the market movements of our various products both in the local and International markets to keep abreast of the market trends and to keep our customers well informed and to help them take the right and most profitable decisions.

Our vast Export product range includes the following products to mention a few:

  1. Pharmaceuticals
  2. Surgical and Hospital supplies
  3. Skin care and Oral care products
  4. Matchboxes
  5. Rice
  6. Food Products and Confectionery
  7. Marble and Handicrafts

Besides Exports, Affari Unlimited is also engaged in imports and distribution of veterinary products, which includes a wide range of antibiotics, vitamins and feed additves.